William H. Taft 1925 Typed Letter Signed as Chief Justice Of The Supreme Court – To His Son!


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27th President.  Two-page typed letter signed (TLS) “Wm H. Taft” as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, May 19, 1925, Supreme Court stationery, front and back of a four page bifolium sheet, 5.75×7.75, to his son “Mr. Robert A. Taft, 422 Dixie Terminal Building, Cincinnati, Ohio”, a letter of introduction for Arthur Hale, in full:

This will introduce you to Mr. Arthur Hale, of Washington.  Mr. Hale is a lawyer in practice in this city.  He is the son of Edward Everett Hale, our Unitarian saint, a gentleman whom I knew quite well in Washington when he was Chaplain of the Senate, a place that he held near the end of his useful life.  Mr. Arthur Hale has been on the staff of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and of the Pennsylvania Railroad, and has been active in a number of railroad associations in the field of interstate commerce practice.  He is now interested in a trade-mark case for the Logan County Coal Corporation of Cincinnati.  He says that you have been brought into the case and that he would like to have you know who he is.  I have great pleasure in giving him this letter of introduction to you and to say that he is in every way entitled to your esteem and confidence.

Your loving father,

Arthur Hale was a railroad lawyer but interested in interstate commerce law.  For some reason he was interested in a trade-mark case that Robert Taft was working on and Hale wanted to meet with him.

Highly unusual correspondence between father and son, with wonderful “Your loving father,” closing.