Theodore Roosevelt 1910 Typed Letter Signed – Sent From Norway – One Day After Receiving Nobel Prize


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26th President.  RARE typed letter signed (TLS) “Theodore Roosevelt”, May 6, 1910, 8.25×11, sent from “CHRISTIANA” [Norway], to “George Sylvester Viereck” in NY, in full:

Yes, I know your father and like him greatly, and I look forward to reading your book.  But I am sure you will understand why it is impossible for me to say anything for publication.

I trust I shall have the pleasure, not too long hence, of seeing you in person.

Roosevelt had handwritten “Good luck!” at the letter’s close.

After his presidency was over, Roosevelt embarked on an expedition to Africa for the Smithsonian Institution to gain animal specimens. After Africa, he traveled to Europe where he met with dignitaries and monarchs, accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in Norway for his efforts in ending the Russo-Japanese War, and represented the United States at the funeral of King Edward VII of England. In 1910, Roosevelt flew in an airplane at St. Louis, Missouri, the first time someone who had served as president had ever flown in an airplane.

On December 10, 1906, the Nobel Prize committee awarded Roosevelt the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in brokering peace in the Russo-Japanese War.  Roosevelt was the first American to win the Nobel Prize in any of the six categories. Since he did not think it right to accept the prize while he was still in the White House, Roosevelt waited to receive it until 1910, while he toured Europe following his long-anticipated safari to Africa in 1909-1910.  He received the award just one day prior to sending this letter.

In very good condition, text a shade light, folds and overall wear.