Richard Nixon 1991 Typed Letter Signed – “With A War In The Gulf And A Recession”


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37th President.  Typed letter signed  “RN”, January 28, 1991, one page, 7.25×10.5, personal letterhead from Woodcliff, New Jersey, to William Stover, with “Dear Bill” salutation in Nixon’s hand, in full:

With a war in the Gulf and a recession, it is difficult to make predictions as to how 1991 will sort out.  But at least, thanks to you, the Nixon family and staff will enjoy our beginning the new year with oodles of vitamin C in its most delicious form.

I have always considered it obscene to juice a navel orange and consequently I will think of you and your thoughtfulness every time I peel one by hand.

Pat joins me in expressing our appreciation and our very best wishes.

In fine condition.

Stover served on the staff of Vice President Nixon and later served as Chief of Staff for Senator George Murphy.  He remained a lifelong advisor and friend to Nixon.

The Gulf War began in August 1990 as Operation Desert Shield, the buildup of troops and the defense of Saudi Arabia following Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait on August 2, 1990.  When Iraq refused to withdraw, the United States led a coalition of 35 countries to expel Iraq.  The shooting war began with aerial and naval bombardment on January 17, 1991, just 11 days before Nixon wrote this letter.  The ground assault followed on February 24.  It lasted four days.  On February 28, Bush declared a cease fire and announced that Kuwait had been liberated.