Richard Nixon 1989 Typed Letter Signed – Great Content With Nixon Lamenting What Could Have Been!


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** “Balance of My Second Term Had I Been Able To Survive” **

37th President.  Typed letter signed  “RN”, August 1, 1989, one page, 7.25×10.5, personal letterhead from Woodcliff, New Jersey, to former Boston Mayor John F. Collins, in full:

Your letter of July 26th brought back many pleasant memories of the great battle of 1972 when you joined John Connally in heading up Democrats for Nixon. It was the most successful political operation of my entire career.

Without the leadership that you and John provided, it would not have been nearly as effective.

John and Nellie, as you pointed out, have survived their ordeal like the true champions they always been. The real tragedy is that John could not have gone on to be President, which is a goal I would have devoted the balance of my second term to achieve had I been able to survive.

I know what you are going through in attempting to write a book. Having endured that ordeal on seven previous occasions and now just completing my eighth volume, I can sympathize with you.

Under separate cover, I am sending you a copy of my latest book on foreign policy for your personal library.

Nixon adds the salutation “Dear John” in his own hand.

In fine condition.

Accompanied by the original mailing envelope.

John Connally was the 39th Governor of Texas.  He began his career as a Democrat, but switched to the Republican Party in 1973.  He was seriously wounded while riding in the Presidential limousine when John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Texas.  Nixon appointed Connally as his Secretary of the Treasury.

Originates from the estate of former Boston Mayor John F. Collins.