Richard Nixon 1972 Typed Letter Signed as President – Incredible Vietnam Content


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37th President.  Typed letter signed “RN” AS PRESIDENT, one page, 6.75×8.75, White House letterhead, May 11, 1972, to Congressman Bill Young of Florida just 3 days after he spoke to the nation about the war, Nixon thanks the Republican Congressman for supporting the Administration’s policy in southeast Asia, in full:

It was most encouraging to learn of your forceful expression of support for the peace proposals I presented to the Nation this past Monday evening. Acceptance of these proposals, I believe, will bring an end to the killing, a return of our prisoners of war, a withdrawal of all forces with honor, and continued progress toward peace for all countries that have suffered for so long in this conflict.

I want you to know that you have my deepest gratitude and warmest appreciation for your support of these objectives.

In response to the ongoing NVA Eastertide Offensive, on May 8, 1972, President Nixon announced Operation Linebacker I, which called for the mining of North Vietnam’s harbors, along with intensified bombing of roads, bridges, and oil facilities. The announcement brought international condemnation of the U.S. and ignited more anti-war protests in America.

A simply fantastic Nixon letter with great content across several important topics during that tumultuous time.