John F. Kennedy 1956 Bank Check Signed – With Additional Typed Letter Signed by JFK


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35th President.  Amazing pair of items consisting of:

Document signed John Kennedy“, June 19, 1956, a bank check drawn on the National City Bank of New York, made out to John O. Pastore for $27.94, and signed boldly by Kennedy as United States Senator.

Typed letter signed Jack” on his United States letterhead, Washington, June 20, 1956, to Hon. John O. Pastore at the U.S. Senate, reimbursing his expenses for a trip to a Kennedy event. “I am enclosing my check for $27.94 to cover cost of your transportation from New Bedford to Washington on the 30th of May. Again, thank you for going up there and with kind regards.”  There is a handwritten postscript in Kennedy’s hand stating, “This is the committee’s desire.”  Pastore has added a handwritten note back to Kennedy at the bottom – “It was an honor and pleasure to [?] to New Bedford.  This is unnecessary although your thoughtfulness in doing it is appreciate – John”.

In 1956, John F. Kennedy made a strong but ultimately unsuccessful attempt to the gain the Vice Presidential nomination on the ticket headed by Adlai Stevenson. The Democratic National Convention itself was in August but he began laying the groundwork early. One of his earliest supporters, who backed his Vice Presidential efforts in 1956, was John Pastore, a United States Senator from Rhode Island from 1950 to 1976 and his state’s governor of from 1945 to 1950. He was the first Italian American elected to the Senate.

On May 30, 1956, Kennedy visited Falls River and New Bedford, MA for an event honoring both he and his wife. He invited Pastore to join him, which he did. Other senators supporting Kennedy attended as well, including George A. Smathers of Florida, Henry M. “Scoop” Jackson of Washington and Albert Gore, Sr. of Tennessee.

Checks of JFK are very uncommon, only a handful ever having reached the market.  This is the first such we have seen with an additional letter from Kennedy forwarding the actual check.  An archive of 6 checks sold in 2015 with a 7th offered separately at the same time.  We can find but just a handful of others that exist.