Harry S. Truman 1946 Signed Archive – Signed Letter and Document To a Leading Wartime Nurse


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33rd President. Fantastic archive of two signed items, both AS PRESIDENT.  The letter and document both were sent to Katharine Tucker, the founder of the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing and a member of Truman’s wartime Procurement and Assignment Service.  The group consists of:

1 – Typed letter signed “Harry Truman” AS PRESIDENT, 8×10.5, May 17, 1946, The White House Washington stationery, to Katharine Tucker as a Member of the Directing Board of the Procurement and Assignment Service, in full:

Since I understand that the Directing Board of the Procurement and Assignment Service is today holding its final meeting, I wish to take the occasion to extend my congratulations and thanks to the Board members and to all your associates throughout the country.

As you bring your wartime task to a close, you should feel well merited satisfaction it its success.  Your contribution in mobilizing the medical and health professions for the armed services, while maintaining minimum standards for civilian medical care, warrants the gratitude of the entire Nation – military and civilian alike.

The planning and execution of this all-out mobilization of our health resources required unusual skill and demanded the confidence of all concerned.  As I have watched your work throughout the war years, I have been repeatedly impressed by the genuine cooperation which promoted the cordial and efficient relationships between the Government and the medical, nursing and allied professions.  Your own efforts in dealing with the nursing problem are especially appreciated.  We are all deeply indebted to you for your unselfish devotion to the common interest and shall count on your continued understanding and counsel in the days ahead.

2 – Interesting document signed “Harry Truman”, 8×10, April 27, 1946, headed “Procurement and Assignment Service For Physicians, Dentists, Veterinarians, Sanitary Engineers and Nurses”, recognizing Katharine Tucker for her service to the “United States of America during World War II as Member of the Directing Board”.  Countersigned by three others including Ross McIntire, who was personal White House physician to Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman.

Accompanied by the original oversized White House envelope.

An intriguing pair of documents directly relating to the mobilization of medical needs during World War II.