Harry S. Truman 1945 Typed Letter Signed as President – “More Homesick Than Ever For The Senate”


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33rd President.  Typed letter signed “Harry” AS PRESIDENT, May 11, 1945, 7×9, The White House Washington stationery, to Ernest W. McFarland, Senator from Arizona, in full:

It certainly was thoughtful of you and the gang to send me a note of congratulations.

You make me more homesick than ever for the Senate.  Wish I could be with you every day, but it is a physical impossibility now.

Truman had ascended to the Presidency less than a month earlier, after the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt.  An unbelievable letter, so early in his new position, where he mentions missing his previous position in the Senate.  McFarland and Truman sat next to each other in the Senate for two years and became friends, a working relationship which continued while Truman was President.

Just three days earlier, President Truman officially announced the surrender of Germany from the White House Radio Room on May 8, 1945, signaling the end of World War II.