George H.W. Bush 1992 Typed Letter Signed as President – Just After The Election & His Mother’s Death

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41st President.  Typed letter signed (TLS) “George” AS PRESIDENT, November 30, 1992, “The President” notecard, in full:

Just back from Kennebunkport and I saw your wonderful letter about my mother and the election.  It’s been a tough November in a lot of ways, but now we’re setting our sights on the future.  Mum was my leader and mentor in every possible way, and I am glad I was able to see her the day she went to Heaven.

Thanks for checking in and for caring.  Barbara’s arranged to build a small house on our Houston lot, and we head there on Inaugural Day.  Once we’re settled, your on for that game of golf.  Warmest regards to you and Mary Jo.

Bush has added a handwritten note to the left of his signature:  “I’m ready for some lessons.”

Just 2 weeks earlier, Dorthy Walker Bush passed away.  At the start of November, Bill Clinton defeated the then-incumbent Bush in the Presidential election.

A touching and important letter from a tough time in Bush’s life.