Franklin D. Roosevelt 1940 Typed Letter Signed as President – To Secretary of the Interior Harold Ickes

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32nd President.  Typed letter signed (TLS) “Franklin D. Roosevelt” AS PRESIDENT, January 10, 1940, The White House stationery, 7×9, to Harold Ickes as Secretary of the Interior, in full:

My picture of the Clipper Ship ‘Mirage’ is a lovely one and I serve notice now that it is going to my cottage at Hyde Park and not to the new Library.  Thank you ever so much.

I do hope you and Jane are having a real holiday with lots of rest and a good time.

In fine condition.

An uncommon communication between President and Cabinet member – made special by the reference to a ship as FDR was a noted Naval collector.

Harold Ickes served as Secretary of the Interior for 13 years – the longest tenure of anyone to hold that office.