Franklin D. Roosevelt 1933 Typed Letter Signed as President


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32nd President.  Typed letter signed (TLS) “Franklin D. Roosevelt” AS PRESIDENT, one page, 6.25 x 8.5 (sight), The White House Washington letterhead, August 16, 1933, to Charles A. Persons in Worcester, Massachusetts, in full:

I learned with a great deal of pleasure that you have the honor of being the first Worcester subscriber to the N.R.A. agreement.  I was also gratified to know that this action was taken by one who has shown loyalty and great enthusiasm over a period of time.

Presented in vintage frame to an overall size of 8×10.5.

The National Recovery Administration (NRA) was a prime New Deal agency established by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933. The goal was to eliminate “cut-throat competition” by bringing industry, labor, and government together to create codes of “fair practices” and set prices. The NRA was created by the National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) and allowed industries to get together and write “codes of fair competition.” The codes were intended to reduce “destructive competition” and to help workers by setting minimum wages and maximum weekly hours, as well as minimum prices at which products could be sold.