Dwight D. Eisenhower 1958 Typed Letter Signed as President – State of The Union


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34th President.  Typed letter signed (TLS) “D.E.” AS PRESIDENT, one page, January 17, 1958, 7×9, “The White House Washington” stationery, to his brother, Edgar Eisenhower, in full:

Thank you for telling me of Bunny Hobson’s comment on the State of the Union Message. By your silence, I gather you did not share Bunny’s reaction!

But the important thing is:  how did you do in the Crosby Tournament? I read considerable about the match in our Eastern papers, but I somehow missed your name.

With love to Lucy and Janis, and all the best to yourself.

A copy of Edgar’s letter is included.  President Eisenhower delivered his State of the Union on January 9, 1958.

In fine condition.  Two file holes at top.

The two brothers (there were five Eisenhower brothers in all) were very different. Edgar, who held very strong politically-conservative views, felt that the federal government was usurping power from the states.  Because of his strong feelings against centralization, Edgar appears to have avoided Washington throughout his brother’s administration, even refusing to attend his second inauguration. Yet according to letters between them, the brothers’ relationship was usually amicable, often lighthearted.