Dick Scobee Signed First Day Cover – Challenger Commander


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Flight cover signed “Dick Scobee”, envelope bearing 13-cent American Bald Eagle stamp, postmarked Edwards, California, March 12, 1976. Rubber stamped cachet: “F-111/Super Critical Wing/NASA Flight Research Center/Edwards A.F.B., California”, also noted: “Flight- 92/ Pilot- Capt D Scobee”.

Signed with Scobee’s early autograph, which he later changed to a print-like signature.  Scobee, who joined the Astronaut Corps in January 1978, first went into space on the April 6-13, 1984 flight of the space shuttle Challenger 41-C, the first mission to repair a satellite in orbit. Commander of space shuttle Challenger 51-L, he perished with his six colleagues when the shuttle exploded 73 seconds after launch on January 28, 1986.