Calvin Coolidge 1925 Typed Letter Signed as President – “Appointment To The U.S. Military Academy”


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30th President.  Typed letter signed (TLS) “Calvin Coolidge” AS PRESIDENT, October 29, 1925, The White House Washington stationery, 7×9, to Senator Jesse Metcalf in Providence, Rhode Island, explaining why the son of Professor Nathaniel O. Howard of Brown University could not be included in a list of boys authorized to take the exam for entrance into the U.S. Military Academy, in full:

Your letter of October 28th, regarding the desire of Professor Nathaniel O. Howard, of Brown University, to have the name of his son, Edmond H. Howard, included in the list of boys authorized to take the examination for appointment to the U.S. Military Academy, has been received.  It has long been the rule to reserve these appointments for the sons of officers and enlisted men of the regular Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, and I have been adhering strictly to the rule since I became President.  I am sorry to disappoint Professor Howard in this matter but, under the circumstances, I do not feel that I can make an exception in this case.

Four pinholes in the top left corner, mailing folds.