Otto Frank 1959 Typed Letter Signed – “We Were All Sent To Concentration-Camps”

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Father (1889–1980) of Jewish World War II diarist Anne Frank, and the only member of his family to survive the concentration camps.

Historically significant typed letter signed (TLS) “Otto Frank”, one page, 5.75×8.25, November 12, 1959, in English, with exceptional content, in full:

I thank you for your letter of October 27, from which I can see that you did not understand the whole situation.
I never saw the film myself, but it seems that you got mixed up, because the film starts really with my coming back from concentration camp to Amsterdam, and then only shows our life in hiding which came to an end abruptly when we were all arrested. We were all sent to concentration-camps where all my family and friends perished. The Germans never let me free, but I was liberated by the Russians.
I have the impression that you never read Anne’s Diary and advise you to do so and if you want to know more about everything, you should read “A Portrait of Courage” written by Ernst Schnabel and published by Harcourt-Brace. You might get it in your library.
With kind regards, sincerely Yours, Otto Frank.

In fine condition.  Accompanied by original mailing envelope.

The Anne Frank Foundation was founded May 3, 1957, as means of protecting the house Frank, her family, and four others hid inside during World War II. In 1960, the building, which is located in central Amsterdam, was established as a museum with exhibitions that focus on Anne Frank and the various forms of persecution and discrimination.

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Otto Frank letters are uncommon, especially so in English.  Letters mentioning Anne in any regard are highly sought after – with this letter also mentioning the concentration camps which took the life of Anne and many other friends and family of Otto Frank.