Jane Wyman 1943 Autograph Letter Signed – To Carrie Donovan as Teenager – “Will Show Ronald”


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Singer, dancer, and character actress (1917–2007) who won an Academy Award for Best Actress for 1948’s Johnny Belinda, first wife of Ronald Reagan.

Autograph letter signed “Jane”, both sides of personal “Warner Bros.” notecard, 5.5×3.5, undated but envelope postmarked May 9, 1943, addressed “Dear Carolyn”, in part:

Forgot if I told you how lovely I think your last drawings are, and thanks for telling me I may keep them.

Yes, I like the broad shoulder affect much better than narrow.  In fact I have mine made to look awfully broad – your Aunt Jackie is right.

…My time is short as there are many letters to answer but all are getting just a card as I am so busy.

Accompanied by original mailing envelope address by Wyman to Carolyn Donovan in Woodside, New York.  On the envelope, Wyman adds a postscript:  “P.S. Will show Ronald first chance I get – love the Green linen.”

Carrie Donovan was an American fashion editor for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and The New York Times Magazine.  When Donovan was just 10 years old, she mailed her own sketches for a design collection to the actress Jane Wyman, who replied with a handwritten letter.  This letter, part of a small series of letters from Wyman to Donovan, was a continuation of that initial correspondence as Donovan was just 15-years-old when she received this letter.