Harvey Cushing 1936 Typed Letter Signed


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Surgeon (1869–1939) who pioneered many modern neurosurgical techniques and investigated the functions of the pituitary gland.

Typed letter signed “Harvey Cushing”, 6.75 x 8.5, Yale University School of Medicine letterhead, October 6, 1936, to “Professor John A. Timm, Department of Chemistry, Yale University”, in full:

Thanks for your note.  It is good of you to have taken the trouble.  I’ll take a flier at Gilbert Lewis who certainly deserves the award if anyone does.

I was sorry not to have been at the Trumbull gathering the other night, but I have been rather hobbled.  I shall hope to be more regular in attendance this coming year than I have heretofore been.

In another letter from Cushing to Timm from September 1936 (we are offering that letter separately), Cushing had asked for a recommendation for a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1937.  Obviously he put the name Gilbert Lewis forward – Lewis was nominated 41 times for the Nobel Prize on Chemistry but never won it.