Edward M. House Signed Original Ink Drawing – Great Autograph Quote From World War I


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American diplomat, and an advisor to President Woodrow Wilson. He was known by the nickname Colonel House, although he had performed no military service. He was a highly influential back-stage politician in Texas before becoming a key supporter of the presidential bid of Wilson in 1912. Having a self-effacing manner, he did not hold office but was an “executive agent”, Wilson’s chief advisor on European politics and diplomacy during World War I (1914–18) and at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919. In 1919 Wilson, suffering from a series of small strokes, broke with House and many other top advisors, believing they had deceived him at Paris.

An original pen-and-ink bust drawing by French artist Robert Kastor (1872-1936), 10×12, signed and inscribed “Let us hope that the dawn of a new and better day has come.  E.M. House”.

Truly unique autographed item from an uncommon, but important, figure in American politics during the Wilson era.  The drawing is a piece of art by itself!

In excellent condition.