Daniel Coit Gilman Letter Signed – Johns Hopkins University President


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American educator and academic. He was instrumental in founding the Sheffield Scientific School at Yale. Gilman subsequently served as the third president of the University of California, the first president of John Hopkins University, and as the founding president of the Carnegie Institution. He also was co-founder of the Russell Trust Association which administers the business affairs of Yale’s Skull and Bones society. His inauguration as president of Johns Hopkins in 1876 has been said to mark the starting point of postgraduate education in the US.

Manuscript letter signed ““Yours very truly D.C. Gilman”, two pages of a bifolium, March 23, 1897, 5×8, “Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore / President’s Office” stationery, to Professor Samuel Langley, in full:

I have received your note of March 20, and will refer it to Professor Haupt and Professor Adams, who are most interested in the subject. It occurs to me to make the following suggestion. The American Oriental Society, of which I am President, holds a three days’ session here, April 22-24. It includes most of the Oriental Scholars of the country. Might it not be well to bring this matter before the Society, and secure, if possible, some concerted action respecting the proper cataloging of such Egyptian antiquities as may be found in the country.