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Cordell Hull Signed Original Ink Drawing – “Let Us Work Together For Peace”


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U.S. Senator and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Secretary of State from 1933-1944; awarded the 1945 Nobel Peace Prize for helping establish the United Nations.

An original pen-and-ink bust drawing by French artist Robert Kastor (1872-1936), 10×12, signed and inscribed “Let us work together for peace.  Cordell Hull”.  Dated by Hull on June 14, 1935.

Hull’s twelve-year term as secretary of state was the longest in U.S. history. Hull was an early supporter of President Wilson’s League of Nations and helped to negotiate peaceful resolutions during the European crises of the 1930s. He was actively involved in founding the United Nations for which he received the 1945 Nobel Peace Prize, which had been suspended during the war. For his role in the formation of the international organization, Roosevelt dubbed him the “Father of the United Nations.”

The drawing is a piece of art by itself!

In excellent condition.