Albert Gallatin 1808 Autograph Letter Signed as Secretary of the Treasury


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Autograph letter signed “Albert Gallatin”, headed “Treasury Department”, July 25, 1808, 8×10, front and back of one sheet, to the Collector of Machias (Maine), in full:

Your letter of the 30th ulto. has been received.  I am of opinion that the District of Machias must be adjacent to the British territories.  But I do not find that any return was ever made by any of the collectors in Maine of the boundaries of their respective districts, although this had been directed by the collection law.  If you can ascertain whether any such boundaries were ever agreed on, or if that was never yet done, and you will immediately agree on such lines with the collectors of Passarnaquoddy and Frenchmen’s bay as well, in conformity  with the letter & spirit of the said collection law, make or rather leave both Machias & Frenchmen’s districts adjacent to the British province of Canada, you may thenceforth consider them as such & seize any unusual deposits.  The Collector of Frenchmen’s bay would thereby be also authorized to pursue the same course.  You will be pleased at all events to give me early information on that point.

I will inquire whether any more Gunboats can be spared for your quarter.

Interesting letter from Gallatin while serving as Secretary of the Treasury under Thomas Jefferson.

In very good condition, edge bites, some show-through, strong autograph.

Abraham Alfonse Albert Gallatin, born de Gallatin (January 29, 1761 – August 12, 1849) was a Genevan-American politician, diplomat, ethnologist and linguist. As leader of the Democratic-Republican Party he served in various federal elective and appointed positions across four decades. He represented Pennsylvania in the Senate and the House of Representatives before becoming the longest-tenured United States Secretary of the Treasury and serving as a high-ranking diplomat.